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Expected Interest Rate Hikes Should Spur More To Seek Advice Of Financial Fiduciaries LLC of WI

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Even in the waning days of 2017, financial experts were calling for no less than three interest rate hikes in 2018 as the Federal Reserve attempts to “reign in stimulus,” according to Wall Street watchdogs at The possible outcome of these moves over the coming months could increase the “odds of a broader economic fallout.” Americans are hardly immune to the effects of such hikes and the Dec. 21, 2017 article goes on to claim that those with credit card debt or a home equity line of credit means more of their regular repayments will be going toward satisfying interest — and not the principal balance — on your loan.

With word of “inflation” on the tips of tongues, some are waiting with bated breath to see what 2018 holds for middle class Americans. Some, like Tom Batterman, aren’t taking the wait-and-see approach. This trusted fiduciary has spent years guiding clients toward smart wealth-management decisions. His company, Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI, has similarly helped those placing their trust in a fiduciary and resting comfortably in the knowledge that these experts aren’t going to sell them an investment package for the sake of a commission; they are going to work shoulder-to-shoulder and find the right financial moves that are in the client’s best interests.

Why should individuals and families turn to Financial Fiduciaries WI, which has been a trusted resource since its founding in 2010, and Tom Batterman in times like these? According to article, stagnated wages are being offset by rising mortgage rates, for example. If the average cost of buying a home in late 2017 was $263,000, then article states that a family would make the $20,000 down payment and then be saddled by payments nearly $100 higher than before due to increased mortgage interest rates. Credit card and mortgage debt are burdensome considerations for the average American, who owed $8,377 and $168,614 in 2016 and 2015, respectively. These aren’t insurmountable obstacles, but there are reasons why Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI and Tom Batterman can help you as legally-obligated personal financial advisors. After all, their motto is “Smart Financial Decisions” and it’s a commitment that has been proven time and again. article doesn’t paint a rosy picture when it comes to what’s on the horizon for 2018. If Americans are struggling to make minimum loan repayments due to the higher interest rates, it may be time to sit down with a fiduciary who keeps the client’s best interests at the center of everything they do.